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Imagine a world in which all coffee cups, bottles of water and takeout containers were reusable. 

Piloted at over 3000 events, Globelet is now bringing its world’s first reusable  system, to cities. Our smart chips can attach to any reusable bottle or cup. Sign up, scan it and connect to a network of products that you can borrow for free.  Throw it away in any rubbish bin, scan it, we will find it and put it through our high-tech wash hubs to than be delivered back to the shops.

Globelet city technology will be piloted in 2018 before being rolled out worldwide. Here is to making all food packaging reusable.

What is the City Cup ?

The City Cup is an environmentally friendly alternative to the disposable cup for coffee to go. 
For a $2 pledge it will be available in many cafes and shops in participating cities in Australia and New Zealand.

Used deposit cups are returned and rinsed in all participating stores or at the Globelet Factory 

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1. Cups and lids delivered to partner cafe.  

2. Customer buys coffee and scans card. 

3. Customer drops used cup at drop point.

4. Product collected and taken into the washing center.

5. Product washes and packed by us.

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Why a plastics rethink

Plastics are fundamental to industry and everyday life. Yet, they are one of the most wasteful examples of our existing linear, take-make-dispose economy. 

Companies have tried to make reusable cups, compostable cups, recyclable cups. All sorts of cups. All the current products and companies still follow a linear model. And that is why we had a rethink. 

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A system re-design is

We have created a disruptive economic, social and technological revolution. Globelet is creating a world wired by digitisation, automation, and artificial intelligence. 

Our system, guided by circular economy principles, deliver fundamentally better economic and environmental outcomes than the current disposable single use packaging used in cities.

Let's build a better future together!

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