Globelet is not just a cup. It's a system. We create integrated systems which dramatically reduce waste at festivals and events. 



1. I pay $2-3 deposit for my Globelet
2. I pay for my drink
3. I return my Globelet to get back my deposit


At any time a customer can get their deposit back by returning it to the designated area. They receive back their bond. 


Sometimes, the consumer decides to keep their Globelet as a souvenir. 




For a consumer who has no Globelet, the price is increased by $2-3.
A person who has an empty or dirty Globelet can exchange it for a full one. 
Full Globelet's can be prepared in advance. 


Crates - We have crates for reusable storage of Globelets at the festival.


We can adapt our operation to fit any event. 

It is important however, to define the below factors for any given event:

  • The number of bars on site
  • An approximation of litres of drink to be distributed
  • The number of visitors


If you are organising a sports race and cannot install the deposit and distribution stands for Globelets, we recommend you rent our generic unprinted Globelets. These generic Globelets can be prepared on the tables. The runner passes, takes their Globelet then throws it in the container provided. 

Organisers may choose to give each participant their own Globelet at registration time. 


This is a multi-bar, open festival type event. 

The bars for village festivals or fairs are often managed by different associations. The consumer in this scenario orders their drinks from a bar. If they want to have another drink or change their cup they can do it at any of the other bars using Globelet. If they want to surrender their globelet, they can do it at one of the events bars and then they will receive back their deposit. This is an effective operation. 

The following information is available on an A4 sheet downloadable here.



The Wash Against Waste Trailer is an eco-friendly waste reducing system that is available for hire at any event and can be used by anyone.

The Wash Against Waste trailer was built in November 2013 for the purpose of waste reduction at events. Sarah Jane Murray, our Waste Programme and Development Manager, was an influential force in establishing the trailer.

Working closely with Auckland Council, Ecostore, Kemsol and Smart Environmental, the trailer was launched to become a strong success and a leader in waste-reduction systems for any event. It has since been featured regularly at the New Lynn Night Markets, attended Spore 2015 as well as a range of local school fairs.

The Wash Against Waste trailer is the first of it's kind in New Zealand. EcoMatters is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) and we are aiming to turn Wash Against Wast into a social enterprise for the organisation. We need your help to keep it going and achieve our goals of total waste reduction at events. To support us, you can hire the trailer for a small hire fee, to use at any event. There are plenty of different options to suit your budget and your event.

Visit the Wash Against Waste website for more details:

Should you require further information please contact Sarah Jane:

Other Events: Globelet Washing


A few tips for washing the cups on site yourself:

  • Have a place from the passage of electrical cables
  • Have a drinking water point (hot if possible) available
  • Have a discharge wastewater to reach and out of the passage groups
  • Provide an electrical point to illuminate the night stand
  • Install a table, there lay three plastic tubs (we can make available to you on reservation)


The washing set up:

Tray 1: wash glasses with a green liquid dish, with a sponge without scraper.
Tray 2: first rinse.
Tray 3: a mandatory second rinse.

The water in the rinsing tank must be renewed regularly. The water in this tank is emptied and refilled. 

Some liquids make the glasses smell and colour (including wine and coffee). If you can not wash the glasses immediately, let them soak. If you wash the cups in hand, please make sure they are washed properly. 

The glasses are machine washable but traditional dishwasher can "throw" the cups because they are lightweight, take a test. We also offer professional glass washers for rent.

The drying space:

Cups should ABSOLUTELY be dry before being stacked and stored. Moist, they become moldy and smelly. We would be obliged to charge you for washing. 

Globelet's are slow to dry. So plan time and space. The method of a pyramid of cups seems to be the best option, but beware of drafts.

Drying is less simple than it seems: polypropylene did very little caloric inertia (compared to glass or metal). So we cannot rely on the heat stored in the dishwasher.

If you have technical constraints to your event, do not hesitate to contact us. We'll help you find a solution.

Once these points considered, you will have a clean site, the public appreciates the approach and you will save hundreds or thousands of plastic cups (which constitute more than half of the waste of the event)..