The Cost of Disposible Cups

Globelet is not a cup company

Most people believe Globelet is a cup company. We are not a cup company. 

You won't find us at some retail outlet.
You won't find us packaged up in some box to save yet another coffee cup.

We imagine a future without disposable cups. To do that, it is less about cups and more about the systems. 

Yes the cup itself is important. That is why all our Globelet's are locally made, 100% reusable, and 100% recyclable locally. 

But the full designed system from our local production, onsite festival systems, washing and logistics, and end of use storage and recycling. That is the full loop.

At globelet we imagine a reusable society. One with less goods made and more goods reused.

The cost of disposables

The life cycle of a product is the most important product itself. 

When someone looks at Globelet they compare us to disposable cups. 

They think Globelet is expensive. They normally pay 10/20 cents for a disposable cup. 

Here is what the events forget: 

- For every Globelet required an event needs 5 times as many disposable cups. That means 50,000 cups for every 10,000 people. This cost is $10,000.

- Then there is the other cost. Environmental, cleanliness of the event, and the real cost to pick up and dispose of all those cups.  This cost is $10,000.

All up Disposable Cups (whether compostable or recyclable) require a larger spend then Globelet and its system. $20,000.