SHAZAM CUP : Linking your Globelet to the internet

Red Bull Team Dynamite Globelet

Red Bull Team Dynamite Globelet

We created a world first cup that can link to any page on the internet via Shazam.

Red Bull NZ created the Team Dynamite Globelet for one of New Zealand’s most iconic music festivals - Jim Bean Home Grown.  

What is Shazam? 

Shazam is a free application best known for identifying any song that is being played. 

If you hear a song but don’t know what song it is? Shazam it. 

How Shazam works on a Globelet? 

At Homegrown, Red Bull wanted to give people the ability to find and download Team Dynamite tracks. 

Using the same Shazam application. Fans scanned the Team Dynamite Globelet and were directed to the bands music playlist. 

Red Bull Team Dynamite

Red Bull Team Dynamite

Why is this good for brands and festivals? 

A Globelet is a unique and simple piece of memorabilia for a music festival. 

It is cost effective, reduces waste and showcases festival artwork as well as the brands involved. 

With Shazam, we can now allow this memorabilia to extend beyond the festival. 

  • Festivals can now show highlights of the event via the cup long after the festival 
  • Festivals can link the cup to special ticket promotions for fans who still have their Globelets
  • Bands can have their own unique cups that link to their personal playlist long after their show
  • Bands can link the cups to other acts they are doing and special promotions

Shazam takes the Globelet cup to a whole new level. 

Scan this Team Dynamite photo below to see how it works.

Team Dynamite Layout for the Globelet

Team Dynamite Layout for the Globelet

People involved in making this happen:

RedBull NZ: Dan Woolston
Designer: James Buxton
Globelet: Nick Moult



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