How to Dry Reusable cups

Washing and Drying Reusable Cups

About Us:

  • Founded in 2012

  • Globelet vision is to end single use plastic in our lifetime, together.

Our Machines:

  • In 2016 we invented dishwashing machines that use less water and energy than traditional dishwashing machines, and can wash over 10,000 cups per hour.

  • We also invented Drying Machines that can dry over 10,000 cups per hour to 100% dryness, ensuring that cups are packed and hygienically packaged. If any water is left on a cup, there is a high chance for mould to grow, which becomes a safety concern.


Please contact us at if you would like to purchase any equipment from us.

How To Dry Reusable Plastic Cups

How To Dry Reusable Plastic Cups

Plastic Cups don’t dry like glass.

  • If you stack a plastic cup for more than 24 hours it will start to grow mould.

  • How do you wash and dry more than 10,000 cups per hour?

These are just some of the challenges we faced when we started Globelet in 2012. We went to some of the worlds most advanced dishwashing companies hat supply some of the worlds largest catering companies and even they could not help us.

So what did we do?