Globelet is made of Plastic? - Case Study

A Globelet Case Study

  • A music festival is an example of a mini city for 3 days.

  • Music Festivals have become great case studies for us to test products and systems to bring to the world

  • We supply over 40 major music festivals a year.

  • Below is a case study on reusables in a mini city vs disposables

An event of 10,000 people normally brought 5* as many disposable cups (50,000).
- Some events went compostable. These were made in Taiwan, shipped to Aus/NZ and used once. If they were lucky they were thrown in the right conditions.
- Some events went recyclable. In 40 years, only 14% of all plastic has been recycled.

Enter Globelet:
- Instead of 50,000 single use cups, we now have 15,000 reusable cups
- Instead of 50,000 single use cups that come from TAIWAN, we now have 15,000 reusable cups that come from New Zealand.
- Instead of 50,000 single use cups that end up on the ground, there is 15,000 reusable cups that somebody picks up as they can return them to us for $1.
- Instead of 50,000 single use cups that will be used once and thrown away, 15,000 Globelet's will be washed, and reused over and over again.
- 75% (11,250) of Globelet's on average get returned to us for reuse. vs 0% (0) single use cups
- 0.1% (15) of Globelet's on average get damaged and have to be recycled in our factory to turn into crates vs 100% of disposables that do not even get recycled
- 0.8% (120) Globelet's find their way into a rubbish bin, and if sorting is done by waste management get returned to us for washing.

Over 7 years that we have been in business, some festivals like Splore Festival has cups that have been washed and returned for over 6 years.

Over 7 years we have cups that have been used over 300 times stopping 300 single use compostable cups.

Educational Impact: The social impact we have on an event is another major factor. Our manifesto is to create the reusable economy and stop the single use mindset that has been installed in us. Our hope is people carry this across into their everyday lives, reusing wherever possible.

Currently there is no compostable product that is reusable and scalable. We are always looking out for this.

You are welcome to use a single use compostable cup or bio cup if you like. But remember
1) It is probably made in Asia
2) It requires the same amount of energy (oil) to produce as it does a Globelet. All that energy just so you use it once seems sad?
3) It needs the right environment to compost and if not, it can release worse emissions than a plastic disposable

Auckland City Limits Festival

  • Founded: 2016
  • Globelet: 1 year

  • Location: Auckland

  • Attendees: 20,000

  • Globelet's used: 50,000

  • Revenue: $50,000*

  • Savings: $20,000


  • Plastic Cups: 150,000 /yr*
    *estimates based on event usage data, and cups sold


The waste generated at events has become a major issue. 

Disposable plastic cups litter fields at festivals with smashed cups

 But there are even bigger issues. 

  • Cheap tents get left at the end of events. Smashed. With no option but too go to landfill. 
  • Generators suck litres of diesel just to power the sound systems.
  • Disposable plastic water bottles are consumed just to keep festival goers hydrated. 
  • Thousands of people drive with half empty cars to the same destination with no thought to share the ride. 

The result is tens of thousands of dollars in waste expenses.

It is hard enough for Festival directors to make a profit. The last thing the want to think about is their waste. 

Enter Green Shoot Pacific (GSP).


GSP are New Zealand's leading event sustainability professionals providing a full suite of sustainability services including waste minimisation strategies.

Founded by one of New Zealand's leading festival directors, Amanda Wright from Splore Festival and New Zealand's leading sustainability consultant, Dave Watson. 

Together they have created remarkable results at numerous festivals in New Zealand including Splore, Rhythm 'n' Alps and Northern Bass

Their main focus includes 

  • The identification of sustainability issues and their impact. 
  • The development of integrated management systems and action plan
  • Team Training

And much more… 

If you are looking at reducing your waste, support the environment and reduce your waste cost. 

Check out GSP here




Dave and Amanda (GSP) with Globelets. 

Dave and Amanda (GSP) with Globelets. 


We round up NINE of the best music festivals taking place across the country this summer.

From Beer Gardens, Surf Beaches, to watching the action from your very own yacht, or just surfing someone New Zealand coastline – there’s something for everyone when it comes to summer music festivals here in New Zealand.

We put the spotlight on NINE festivals worth adding to your summer calendar Without further ado…



The first festival to see the sun. This year the organiser’s have gone all out to produce an unforgettable experience with a consistent line-up of hard hitting party starters. Look out for Pheonix Organics Globelets, the new and improved beer garden, comedy and much much more.

Where: Waiohika Estate, Gisborne

When: December 29 – 31, 2015

Who: Angus & Julia Stone, Pendulum, Mystery Guest, Astronaut, Barely Alive, Dodge & Fuski, Dubloadz, Virtual Riot, Dave Dobbyn, PNC, David Dallas, Scribe, Hollie Smith, P-Money, Jupiter Project, Eastern Bloc, Concord Dawn

How Much: 3 day ticket $255. Single day tickets from $90.



New Zealands best kept secret. Splore is likely to be one of the best music festivals in the world. Set in a spectacular location – you can watch acts on the main stage as you soak up the sun on the beach, or even from the yacht. Yes, you can bring your own boat. Splore also focused on becoming a Zero Waste festival and have their own wedding chapel.

Where: Tapapakanga Regional Park, 70km out of Auckland

When: February 19 – 21, 2016

Who: Aroha + Tali, BNegao, Bonaparte, Chiccoreli & MC Tali, Clazzmo (Clarke Gayford), Dastardly Bounder, DJ Lady Flic, DJ Sarah Love, DJ Takas, Don Johnson, Dr Cat, Dylan C, Eastern Bloc, Elementary, Eno x Dirty, Greg Churchill, Hiatus Kaiyote, High Hoops, James Chesterman, + MORE

How Much: $285.



Northern Bass brings together all elements of local and international bass culture even the most clued-up enthusiasts didn’t even know about – grime, drum n bass, boom bap, neurocrunk, glitch-hop, ghetto funk, hip-hop, funk, dubstep and more.

Where: Worsfold Farm, Mangawhai

When: December 30 – 31, 2015

Who: Andy C, Shapeshifter, Skepta, SPOR, Foreign Beggars, Keys n Krates, DJ Marky, Chali 2na, MALA, Machniedrum, Slum Village, Ladi 6, Home Brew, Danny Byrd, Dub Phizix +Strategy, Aroha, + lots more.

How Much: $336 (including camping)



The World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) brings together a melting pot of styles and artists from across the globe and throws them right into the heart of the mighty Taranaki. The festival has a central aim of celebrating the world’s many forms of music, arts and dance and is known for its breathtaking performances and family friendly atmosphere. They celebrate ten years on the block this March.

Where: TSB Arena and Brooklands Bowl, New Plymouth

When: March 18 – 20, 2016

Who: St Germain, De La Soul, Asha Bhosle, Thomas Oliver, Louis Baker Ester Rada, Hazmat Modine, Katchafire, No Man’s Land, Tulegur, Calexico Pass the Gat, Tami Neilson, Songhoy Blues, The Jerry Cans, Tiny Ruins, Savina Yannatou, Edmar Castaneda Trio, Julia Deans, Diego El Cigale + more.

How Much: $259




Soundsplash is the 3-day summer festival of freedom, music and expression. Set in the humble surf town of Raglan. Surf by day, party by night. The festival is a multi-genre event with an array of different styles of music.

Where: Wainui Reserve, Raglan

When: January 8-10, 2016

Who: Sticky Fingers, The Black Seeds,Trinity Roots. Deadly Hunta. State of Mind, Weird Together, Cornerstone Roots, Bella Kalolo, L.A.B, Raiza Biza, Swamp Thing, Hipstamatics, Tunes of I, Latinaotearoa, Jungle Fari, Ras Drulox, Mighty Mighty, Opaque Clique

How Much: $270


6. Electric Avenue

Set in the gourgous garden city of Christchurch. Electric Avenue is the newest music festival to return to Hagley Park on Waitangi Day, Saturday 6th February 2016! Two stages feature a massive international, national and local line up of acts over 12 hours. Hagley Park will be transformed with a massive light show, giant video walls, carnival rides, performers, a kids zone and heaps more crazy stuff!

Where: Hagley Park, Christchurch

When: February 6, 2016

Who: Thievery Corporation, The Correspondents, Boy & Bear,The Opiuo Band, The Cuban Brothers, Katchafire, The Upbeats

How Much: $79.90 (plus booking fee)



The urban, alternative music festival is held annually on Auckland's Anniversary Day, right next to the harbour, and crosses wide-ranging genres, with an eye for up and coming artists. This year acts include Chvrches, Beach House, Flume, Grimes, Hudson Mohwake, and Vince Staples. No camping required.

Where: Silo Park, Auckland

When: February 1, 2016

Who:  Baynk, Battles, Beach House, CHVRCHES, DIIV, East India Youth, FIDLAR, Flume, GoldLink, Grimes, Groeni, Health, Hermitude, High Dependency Unit, Hudson Mohawke, Leisure, Lontalius, METZ, Nadia Reid, Oscar Key Sung, Purity Ring, QT, REIN Scuba Diva, Shamir, Silicon, Sophie, The All Seeing Hand, The Internet, Thundercat, Tobias Jesso Jr., Vince Staples, Violent Soho

How Much: $149.50



It was big in Austin, it will be big here. It is like BDO all over again. A new festival for Auckland, taking some inspiration from Austin City Limits, the acts cross a range of genres, and there will be as much emphasis on food and art in the idyllic surrounds of Western Springs park. Acts so far include The National, Kendrick Lamar, Tami Neilson and Shakey Graves.

Where: Silo Park, Auckland

When: March 19, 2016

Who:  Baynk, Battles, Beach House, CHVRCHES, DIIV, East India Youth, FIDLAR, Flume, GoldLink, Grimes, Groeni, Health, Hermitude, High Dependency Unit, Hudson Mohawke, Leisure, Lontalius, METZ, Nadia Reid, Oscar Key Sung, Purity Ring, QT, REIN Scuba Diva, Shamir, Silicon, Sophie, The All Seeing Hand, The Internet, Thundercat, Tobias Jesso Jr., Vince Staples, Violent Soho

How Much: $199.50



Wellingtons best Music Festival. All tastes are catered for: rock, electronica, dob & roots, alternative, pop, hip hop, soul...you name it they've got it. And this year it's being held on the last day of Daylight Savings.

Where: Waterfront, Wellington

When: April 12th, 2016

Who:  Shapeshifter with Kora, David Dallas, The Black Seeds featuring alongside feel-good favourites, Katchafire, Sons of Zion, AHoriBuzz, DJ Sir-Vere and Sunshine Soundsystem. And much more.

How Much: $119 (+ booking fees)








Below is a list of inventions that will make your festival better then you ever imagined possible. Hopefully you get something from it. If not, scan straight too the bottom for a good laugh!


1- AWOP - Forget tokens and payment issues at your event

AWOP provides cashless payment systems to large scale festivals around the world. Inspired in New Zealand by Andrew Mowbray, it uses RFID technology to control and monitor every monetary transaction. AWOP gives you 100% transparency on every transaction for every vendor on site and complete control of your event. No more tokens or payment issues. AWOP changes the game. AWOP can also be fully integrated with Globelet. Check out AWOP


2- GLOBELET - Get rid of the cups

WARNING! We wrote this email :)

Cups can be the biggest mess at an event. Globelet, create sustainable reusable cup solutions to Festivals and Events. Delivering cost savings, revenue streams for promoters and dramatically reducing the environmental impact. Imagine a world without waste from disposable cups. That is what Globelet is about. Customisable, New Zealand made and recyclable, 100% reusable and BPA free inside and out. We are about to release a NZ inspired wine glass and beer cup. Summer production is getting full. Contact us ASAP to secure cups for your next event. Check out Globelet 


3- GROWTH HACKER MARKETING - The new free marketing

Traditional marketing is not effective any more. Growth Hacking is a cheaper and more effective way of getting your product visibility and customers. Growth Hackers were the secret weapons behind the launch of the biggest startups in the world such as Facebook, Twitter, UBER, Airbnb, Dropbox. These brands came out of nowhere and acquired collectively billions of users. How? You break the rules of marketing. Use the media to your advantage. Forget celebrity endorsement. Create remarkable and controversial stories that spread. Become the first event in the world, where you can buy tickets via Bitcoin? Check out Growth Hacker Marketing



4- GREEN SHOOT PACIFIC - Creating the greenest events possible

GreenShoot Pacific NZ (GSP) advise and support event organisers with an extended suite of sustainability services including waste minimisation, transport and energy strategies, vendor and volunteer management, procurement, education and communication strategies that produce credible benchmark results. The Globelet is a key tool in achieving these results and GSP work closely with event organisers to seamlessly manage and integrate Globelet into onsite bar, vendor and catering systems. Check out www.greenshootpacific.com

5- MOTION SICKNESS STUDIOS - Create amazing videos

MSS is a full service independent agency specialising in contact and social. They are the Maserati of Videos and creation. Literally (they work with Maserati). If you want a drone at your festival and amazing creative video content (check this out). More at www.motionsicknessstudio.com

6- SECRET SOUND CONNECT - Sponsors, Activations, Sponsors, Sponsors

Australia's leading music rights management agency. Bringing brands to life in the freshest of places. SS Connect, connect visionary brands with music lovers, influencers and youth through partnerships with some of the worlds best and most revered music festivals and artist. They create intuitive, original brand campaigns that harness the power of music to spark personal connections, tell stories and build loveable brands. They secure and create the most amazing sponsorship activations possible. Check out SS Connect


7- BLACK MILK CLOTHING - A Million dollar business on a $0 marketing budget

It can be hard to find ways of marketing your business. With social media, Cameron Parker took BMC to over 2.5 million dollars by its second year. How? The Globelet team went and met Cameron the other day to find out his secrets. Email us, to receive a free copy of our notes. Otherwise check out this awesome podcast about how Cam did it, here


8- SPOTIFY - Promote your festival in a whole new way

Spotify is taking over the world of music - fast. Goodbye iTunes, Goodbye radio, hello Spotify. At Splendour in the Grass, Spotify donated wheelbarrows to help fans move gear in-between their tents. Spotify can be a dynamic new way for festivals, through contra agreements, to promote their lineup, market their sponsors and target potential fans directly. More on partnering with them, here.


9- GULL ENERGY - Go Bio Fuel


At Splore Festival 2015, Gull created an edible billboard. Lets face it. The generators at festivals and events use a lot of diesel. If you are going to use diesel, why not use bio diesel. Independently owned Gull Energy, is the best source of bio fuel in New Zealand. They are committed to making a difference. They support a number of events. More here - Gul

10- Gary Vaynerchuck - If Content is King, then Context is God

What do consumers want? They're really, really good at blocking out content that is not relevant and compelling to them. Content they deem "advertising" no matter what format you deliver it in. I wrote this, not to advertise, but hopefully to add some value to your festival. If the content was not relevant. I have added a bonus below.

11- BONUS! Need a laugh?

Just in case you didn't get any value from this email, my father was in California yesterday trying to pat a Bisson. He was thinking it was as tame as a cow.