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Design for GLOBELET


Do you find yourself continually looking at things differently? Do you have a burning desire to be a world-changer? 
Do you love helping the world be a better place? 

Join our Globelet design to receive free music festival tickets, the chance to enter design competitions and join the journey on designing products that make the world a better place

Design the 2018 Globelet

Win $500 and showcase your artwork to over 500,000 people across Australia on a Globelet that will last forever

Every year one lucky designer gets to put their artwork on our cup and show it to the world. Entries close on October 10th and will be drawn on October the 15th 

  • The artwork must showcase Globelet's brand story and logo.
  • It should be able to be used at both sports events, music festivals and corporate events
  • It must reflect what we do for the world and how we are making it a better place
  • It must be single colour and submitted in 4 different colour variations 
  • It must be altered for our bottles, big cup and little cup 

How To Apply: 

1 Download our Guidelines and Templates

2 Design the cup

We only require a draft of your design.  Design the cup so we can see where you want to take it. You are welcome to email us and ask for feedback also :) 

3 Submit your design

Email your design by OCTOBER 10 to design@globelet.com
You will receive a follow up email confirming we have received it. The winner will be announced on the 15th of October via email and on social media 

Tane Willams Design 2016

Tane Willams Design 2016

Tane Williams 2016 Globelet

In 2016 Tane Williams designed our Globelet as above.

It was to be used at festivals across New Zealand

Over 100,000 Tane Williams cups were produced and helped us end single use waste from over 5,000,000 single use cups

James Buxton Globelet Bottle Design

James Buxton Globelet Bottle Design

James Buxton 2017 Globelet 

In 2017, Red Bull designer, James Buxton set out to design our 2nd installment of Globelet designs. 

He designed our first ever bottle and our 2nd Globelet branded cup that has been used at over 300 events since they were released for the 2016 NYE season