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Systems to end single use plastic

transforming waste into:



When we think about recycling, we generally think about the products we buy and their packaging. But some #5 polypropylene plastic products and packages never even make it into consumer’s hands. These “post-industrial” or “pre-consumer” products may be defective, printed improperly, or simply overstock that was never used. We’ve partnered with Coca-Cola to produce a range of cups made out of their pre-consumer coke lids. Currently, we stock black, pink, and orange cups.

Recycled plastics offer a variety of benefits. They decrease waste sent to landfills, reduce the use of non-renewable resources, like natural gas and oil, decrease energy use and decrease emissions of carbon dioxide. With the growing supply of recycled PP, our mission is to switch our entire production to recycled plastic.

Globelet products are designed to last - our oldest cups have been traveling around New Zealand more than five years now! When the time comes, old and damaged products are recycled. Our products can also be recycled through any regional recycling system.


tumblr made of recycled black bottle caps.


tumblr made of recycled red bottle caps.


The key to our system is:


Globelet is not just a plastic cup or bottle. It is a system and our key element is the washing of our products so they can be recirculated for years. Currently, we have created two washing centres, located in Sydney and Auckland, which operate all year round and generate jobs for citizens with disabilities. Our washing centres manage all our products from events that have off-site washing, but we also provide systems for washing on-site.


Off-site washing

  • Available for all event sizes.

  • Products are delivered, used, and re-packed in the same boxes they came in.

  • We wash the products - watch our video to see how it works!

  • Any damaged cups are recycled.

On-site Washing

  • We rent washing machines for medium to large scale events.

  • We recommend using this model for events that go for more than 5 days, or that have a large attendance volume.





Closed Loop.


Purposeful Plastics

We have chosen to use only one kind of plastic for all of our Globelet products (excluding our stemless wine glasses) to create a mono-material range of products that can be easily recycled without having to sort them. This plastic is polypropylene, also know as PP or as the industry calls it, polyprop.

PP is categorized as a recycled #5. We use this material because of its performance, small downgrade (meaning when you recycled it, the new product has the same qualities), and for health & safety reasons. It is also a common plastic, so the supply of 100% recycled PP is growing each year, which is great for our goal of switching all our production to recycled plastic.

All plastics are not created equal. Polypropylene is a clean plastic and does not leach any chemicals. However, some plastics contain chemicals that can be harmful to humans if ingested. Some additives in plastics, such as BPA, are shown to have harmful interactions with the body’s hormones. That’s why Globelet is BPA free. 

Local Production

All of our polypropylene products are made in New Zealand and will soon be made in Australia as well. We choose to manufacture here because:

  • Most of our retailers are in New Zealand and Australia.

  • We can ship products shorter distances, which reduces our carbon footprint.

  • We believe in the power and talent that drives NZ and AU manufacturing.

  • We can control the quality and purity of our plastics, thereby ensuring their quality for our customers.