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Globelet is committed to doing things differently. Everything starts with a dream. Our dream was to provide solutions for our unneeded single use waste. That's what we are doing. We promote people, not profit; we protect the environment, not harm it; we make high quality, long lasting, artistically enhanced cups we all can be proud of. With Globelet, life is better.


Globelet is dedicated to preserving the environment and cares about people. Our cups are made from virgin and recycled plastic and are entirely recyclable in New Zealand. We are committed to developing new processes in design and fabrication that will make our products last for longer and consume less waste. We recognise and promote the importance of art by using highly skilled graphic artist to create distinctly unique cups designs. We help support local organisations and people by contributing locally and hiring those that care about our country.



It all started when I was at a Rugby game while studying law at Otago University. Looking at the pile of cups we had consumed during the game, I came up with an idea and set out on a mission to stop single-use waste. We found our first designer, who exchanged sleeping in our lounge for designing our first cup. We became friends with one of the world's leading software developers, who helped us create a world first app to highlight taps with fresh flowing drinking water across New Zealand. Slowly we met inspiring people who wanted to help us and cared about what we care about. People who wanted to stop waste at their festivals, events, homes and stadiums. Globelet was born. 

Now one cup at a time, with Globelet, we continue to try and put a dent in the universe. Globelet is our gift to a world we care so much about. Its our attempt to change the status quo. To do something remarkable.

This is a manifesto, from me to you. To go make the world a better place. 

Love Ryan.



Do you find yourself continually looking at things differently? Do you have a burning desire to be a world-changer? 
Then you may just be the person to join our Globelet team!

Available Roles
(currently accepting applications)

Australian and New Zealand - Festival Promo Team
Join our team of event based staff who travel to music festivals and concerts across Australia managing events and promoting the reusable revolution. Register Here

Sydney, Australia
Key Festival Sales Manager

Sydney, Australia
Key Sports Sales Manager

Wellington, New Zealand
Key Sales Manager

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Our Team

Ryan Everton

Plastic Lover & Environmentalist
Ryan is Globelet's CEO and founder. He has seen more cups than anyone in the world. 


Guy Hobson

NZ Account Manager
Guy runs our accounts in New Zealand.  He has has seen it all, tasted it all and been to all our major events. 

Linda Jenkinson

Dumpsta Queen
Linda is Globelet's Chairman and co-founder. She can be found foraging through bins at major events.

Lucia Alfonso

Lucia Alfonso

Design Thinking
Lucia is our head designer. Designing cups, posters, collateral and managing AU shipping and logistics.


Nick Moult

Profesional Cup Washer
Nick is Globelet's head of operations. He has likely washed more cups than anyone on the planet.