GLOBELET is not just a cup. It is a system.

We swap disposable cups for reusable ones. 

Durable, reusable, personalised, hand printed and New Zealand made. Some may just say we are the best wee eco cup in the world.

385ml (425 ml Spillage) Globelet (Juice, Beer and Coffee)
250ml (285 ml Spillage) Globelet (for Wine and Small beers)

What we do- 

Globelet is more about the systems rather then a cup. By using our Bond system (making people pay a $2 refundable deposit on their first drink) it makes the user responsible for their waste.

Need a picture- Here is one made by our customer Dinner in the Domain

Results- At previous events and festivals, Globelet helped
Reduce overall waste at festivals by an average of 50%. Lowering overall waste cost. More here:
Educate festival goers on thinking about their waste
Reduce waste to landfill from 60% to 90% lowering waste cost.
Make a almost zero cost cup solution for events.
Promote sponsors at and after the event.
Make the events clean, with limited amounts of rubbish
Reduce outlay of disposable cups (15000 globelets instead of 55000 single use cups)

- Globelets are BPA free and made of durable polypropylene plastic
– Globelets are New Zealand made in Christchurch
– Globelets can be commercially washed on average 1000 times
– Globelets are all hand painted
– Globelets are not a cup, they are a system, an idea to encourage people to reduce waste.
– Globelet can reduce a festivals waste by up 50%
– Globelets are collected around the world as souvenirs
– Globelets reduce the outlay of disposable cups (15000 globelets instead of 55000 cups)
– Globelet can print 800 cups a day
– Globelet is about reducing waste, then reusing, then recycling.
– Globelets once old are recycled at the Christchurch factory and turned into Crates.
Order Details-

We like people. We don’t like dealing online. Send us an email or call us. or +64221332466

All Globelets are Handprinted in Christchurch New Zealand.
Screen production takes 3 week. We can make 1000 Globelets a day.
Allow an extra 2 weeks time for between November and March.

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The Globelet is the first product of Valueroad Ltd., a company set up to bring to market quality reusable products that stop single use waste and help encourage people to reduce New Zealand and Australia’s large production of waste.